Sulfuric Acid Dilution System

Sulfuric Acid Dilution System

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Approx. Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh / Set

Super Industrial Lining P. Limited is offering Sulfuric Acid Dilution System with uninterrupted functioning and it can blend 98% or 93%sulfuric acid of any lower strength.

The blended sulfuric acid of various strength is used as indispensable part of different chemical reactions and lead acid batteries.

This machine is accessible with hand operated or automatically driven operating system and pumps for the secured and exact blending of the condensed acid.

This system can be accessed for different flow rates and various strength of diluted acid.

The sulfuric acid dilution system is available both with hand driven starting function and automatic management system by its optional control facility.

The offered system is capable of blending water and strong acid in the static mixer of the sulfuric acid by creating an unsteady movement by a specially designed system for mixing of powerful sulfuric acid (i.e. 30%, 50%, or 70%).The innovative design of this system helps to avert emission of high temperature even though excess heat is produced. The union of required sized machinery and the heat exchanger helps in trouble free elimination of heat and helps to maintain less than 45 degree C temperature for mixing of acid by utilizing cooling tower water.


  • Featured with both hand operated and automatic dilution facility
  • PLC operated controlling system if needed
  • Consists of magnetic drive pumps if needed
  • Contains Lined Static Mixer
  • Equipped with alarm facility and level controlling section
  • The flow rate can be modified
  • Available with Cooling Tower and Heat Exchanger if needed
  • Consists of Fittings/Borosilicate glass and lined pipe
  • We also offer storage tank with this item
  • Customers can also obtain it with water and strong acid supplying pumps

Please provide following details to give you offer

  1. Diluted acid production capacity, Kg/hour
  2. Basic condensation rate of Sulfuric acid
  3. Ultimate condensation of Sulfuric acid
  4. Necessary automation process to be adopted and machinery requirements

Other Details:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set