Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

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The total heat transfer co-efficient of borosilicate glass instrumentality compare favorably with numerous secondary process plant structure materials. This is due to the smooth opencast of the glass that better the film coefficient and cut down the inclination of fouling.

Two elementary types of glass heat exchanger are described here; Coil type and Shell and Tube type. The latter exchangers are accessible with glass or Mild Steel (MS) Shells in collection with glass tube as regulation. The end bonnets and shell can be provided in different material of construction for example, CS, PTFE lined, FRP, glass, SS, lined etc, depending on the procedure condition. The tubing can also be provided in Silicon Carbide and Graphite tubes.

Shell and tube Heat exchanger incorporated with PTFE Tubes are under development.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger incorporate a cylindrical shell that employs a glass tube collection. Tubes are set in the tube sheet. Every tube is separately sealed via PTFE 'O' ring in the tubing sheet at both endings.

Following are the advantage of using Shell & Tube heat exchangers :-

  • Larger Heat Transfer Region in individual unit
  • Reduced pressure drop
  • Simple Tube Replacement.
  • Tubing can be plugged in Breakage case.

Glass coil type heat exchangers are accessible as boilers, condensers or ingress type units that come with heat transfer orbits up to 8m2. There are no inner sealing difficulties as the coil is fused to the shell making as a single piece unit.

Both kinds of heat exchangers are accessible in a wide ambit of nominal bores and are entirely compatible with the some other glass process plants and pipeline sections described in the different other chapters of this catalog.

Glass heat exchangers feature standard flat buttress end union (with the exclusion of service links on several smaller units). Further information of these are mentioned in chapter 1 - Technical Info.

DN adverts to the minimal bore. Unless otherwise declared, all magnitudes are provided in mm.

In Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Multi-pass (up to 4 pass-tube side) can be supplied request.

Shell and tube heat exchangers have different structures as well as MOC for heating, reboiler-condneser and cooling usage.