HCl Gas Generation Unit By Sulfuric Acid Route

HCl Gas Generation Unit By Sulfuric Acid Route

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Approx. Price: Rs 3.25 Lakh / Set

'Super Industrial Lining Pvt. Limited ' is involved in offering ergonomically developed Dry HCI gas production plant with different manufacturing capacities that include5kg./hr. to 300 kg./hr.

98% Sulphuric acid and 30% Hcl are poured in the mixing section by utilizing metering pump or these are taken from Overhead tank by utilizing Rotameter based on the exact requirements of the customer and available site height.

H2SO4 and HCL are blended before entering into the reaction section (Falling Film Tubular Heat Exchanger). The utilized Sulfuric acid taken from the bottom part of the Falling Film Tubular Exchanger is kept at low temperature before releasing it. Cold water is used in the liquid cooler for cooling purpose.

The produced HCL gas of the Falling Film Tubular Heat Exchanger exposes to H2SO4 in the Drying section (Dehydrating packed column). In this specific part, initial drying of the HCL is conducted. The dried HCL gas is conveyed to the uppermost part of the dehydrating column to Sulfuric acid trap to lower moisture level in HCL gas.

The entire system is free from any moving component. The plant requires minimal floor space for its installation purpose.

The wetted components of this system have been developed by using rust proof PTFE or glass material.

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  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set