Bromine Recovery From Bromide Waste Solution

Bromine Recovery From Bromide Waste Solution

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We are an ISO certified company, engaged in designing and supplying glass plant, which is made of quality assured bromide. Bromide is widely used in chemical industries such as Organic Intermediaries, Dyestuffs, Agro Chemical, Fire Retardants and many more, due to its high reactive properties. The chemical reactions used to form a solution usually bring forth hydrogen bromide as a by-product, which is visible in the following example:

  • R - H + Br2 --> R - Br + Hbr

As we can see in the above illustration, half of the bromide added in this product ends in the middle whereas, the rest is rejected as hydrogen bromide gas and dissolves bromides such as Sodium Bromide, Potassium Bromide (often rejected in washing solutions). But since bromide is a good economical substance, it should be recovered. So, we mix hydrogen bromide in water to recover the added bromine from this solution as well as other aqueous waste streams. After this, we sublimate bromine to give a product typically better 99.5% bromine and re-use in other reactors.

Furthermore, Aqueous Bromide solution is used with chlorine gas in reaction or Stripping column. The Chlorine releases elemental bromine from the dissolved bromide. This is taken out by a live steam feed from the bottom most part of the column. Crude bromine is then sublimated to get 99.5% minimum Bromine purity. Experimenting this solution is not an easy task, as the supplies are often polluted with organic material. Thus, these organic impurities are removed by pre- treatment that is, before feeding to the plant.

Also, we provide a short overview of this system, which consist of the following:

  • Stripping / Reaction Column
  • Glass Cooling / Chilling Heat Exchangers
  • Phase Separator
  • Glass Bromine Purification
  • Column Pure Bromine Condenser
  • Glass Vent / Guard Condenser
  • Glass Bromine Re-boiler
  • Glass Bromine Product Cooler
  • Glass Crude / Pure Bromine Collecting Receiver